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Want to join a social network and at the same time earn shares? Nothing to loss as no investments required, Grab an opportunity to earn shares in this vast social networking site, it was in pre-launch until last February 20, 2014, in which it will start its launching To sign up just register with the link below:

Here are the details how you will earn with globallshare,:

GlobAllShare is in launching phase until 31th of May 2014
during that time they give away their shares for free!

There are 2 ways you can earn free shares.

1) Log-in on daily basis to earn 1 share each day.

2) Refer your friends, family.

Once you invited 5 friends successfully, you will get 1 GlobAllShare share straight away.

PLEASE REMEMBER => siging up more than 5 friends on your 1st level
does not earn you any more shares !!!

However, there are 7 sub-levels to profit from.
When any of your members located 7 levels deep in your downline
refers 5 new members on their 1st level, you get 1 share too !!!

P.S. It has been designed this way to encourage team work.

Monthly Income From Dividends

GlobAllShare will pay out 70% of their income to shareholders in form of dividends.

Imagine this example scenario:

You have invited 5 of your friends to the GlobAllShare community successfully
and your invited friends also invite 5 of their friends in 7 subsequent levels,
then you may have following number of shares.

level 1: 5 invited = 1 GAS share
level 2: 25 invited = 5 GAS shares
level 3: 125 invited = 25 GAS shares
level 4: 625 invited = 125 GAS shares
level 5: 3 125 invited = 625 GAS shares
level 6: 15 625 invited = 3 125 GAS shares
level 7: 78 125 invited = 15 625 GAS shares
Total 19.531 GAS shares

According to the above example, you may get altogether 19,531 GlobAllShare shares for free.
Each share will pay a monthly dividend after the global launching of the venture.
Full launch of GlobAllShare is scheduled on 30th of March 2014

If, for instance, one share pays lets say $0.25 monthly dividend.
Your 19.531 shares would get you almost $5,000 per month.

But if monthly dividend is $0.5 or $1.0 per each share,
then monthly earnings would increase accordingly to $10,000 or $20,000.

Of course, numbers presented above are only example,
please do your own calculations according to your own realistic expectations.

You can monitor the number and value of your shares plus the sum of your monthly dividend
at the WebOffice in your GlabAllShare control panel at any time.

Instant money

As a member of the GlobAllShare community you have an option to sell your shares,
this would allow you to earn one time lump sum of money.

For Example: If value of one share after launch is $10
and based on above scenario you own 19,531 GlobAllShare shares,
you could sell them for $195,531

Obviously, the value of one share may be different, less or even more, for example $5 or $20 or $40 per share.

Note: Users may acquire GlobAllShare shares for free only during the pre-organisation phase.

FREE Advertising !!!

Please, do not forget to claim your FREE Advertising !!!

You can run 4 adverts simultaneously.

After you register and log-in to your control panel
click on "ADVERTISE ON GAS" in left menu to claim your FREE adverts!

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