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ithal duvar kagidi

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1 ithal duvar kagidi on Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:52 am

Belette Duvar Kagittlar, duvar kagidi city-island consistently associated in most people with channels. That is why in the colors of the interior, play an important role colors such as silver, green, blue. At the same time, Venice - city of the South, where enough of the sun. This should remind various shades of yellow. The third important component in the palette of the designer becomes red (from light pink to cherry)Pomeshenie not necessarily have to be large, because of the lack of space, even the local nobility was forced to do houses relatively modest size, not to mention ordinary citizens. This disadvantage is more than compensated due to the luxurious interior finish. Twisted columns, stained glass panels, moldings, wall paintings convey the atmosphere of bliss and harmony. Of course, we cannot forget the famous Venetian plaster, which perfectly imitates marble. water has always been famous for its craftsmen-glaziers. Here were made the best of a mirror, which in those times was worth sometimes more expensive than the pictures of the best painters. So must complete your interior mirrors to order with pronounced individuality. You should also pay attention to the mosaic of smalt - of pieces of colored glass (they will look great in the bathroom).

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