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Anonymous social media

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1 Anonymous social media on Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:25 pm

AM DUVAMIS is not a social please read this text i introduce it to everyone like to know my idea after i read more and more about DUVAMIS the root of this name derives from the ancient Greek word “dunamis“ (Δύναμις), which means „internal strength, power, ability it is also used as as a new form of free communication to show social power—thrones are higher than the seats of commoners it also gives you “social freedom” is a function of relationship regulations within society, while the form of relationship regulation for a new freedom of the unique mental authenticity, achieved through upgrading regulated relationships via anonymity, could not occur within society. In order for anonymity to actually and effectively manifest, it needs a different type of spatiality, suitable for the “extraordinary” type of relationships it would govern. Anonymity as a form of regulation would lie at the core of such spatiality....finally....this what i reade and know now and i shall continue study this subject because it is very interesting and important for me at the future.. thanks dear friends

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