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High speed bearing lubrication

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1 High speed bearing lubrication on Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:33 am


High-speed bearing lubrication difficulties is flying lubricant easily, and in turn the surface are difficult to stick, or by bearing the high-speed airflow around the block and not in bearing, and in bearing lubricant speed is too high, sometimes can make the bearing damage, such as cage appeared pitting, desquamation and aggravate the friction and wear.A major problem of the bearingless motor preset
High-speed bearing most of the working temperature at 200 ℃ or so, and tend to be higher, if not through strong cooling, the temperature will continue to rise and adverse to the strength and hardness of the bearing is bearing once lost to keep accurate appearance ability, will aggravate the friction and make the temperature rising rapidly, resulting in a loss of material strength and hardness and make further bearing failure quickly.
Due to the high speed bearing is sensitive to wear, and easy generation chip, if not timely out of bearing, will also cause a vicious cycle, fast bearing failure.
Therefore, the task of high-speed bearing lubrication must be effectively to lubricant delivery movement of bearing surface, and heat away from the bearing, and bearing the abrasive dust or dirt removed.
Will now commonly used in high-speed bearing lubrication methods and effective lubricant are:
1. Spray lubrication
Spray lubrication oil from close to the bearing nozzle holes, at a rate of 10-20 m/s is sprayed into the bearing, is usually sprayed into the cage and inner ring or outer ring gap, which is formed by the bearing lubrication and cooling method.
To the inner diameter of 30-35 mm small ball bearings, spray lubrication can achieve DMN limit value of 3 million for larger bearings is 2.5 million.
Double holes or porous nozzle can increase oil already, also can progress the use efficiency of lubricating oil, and the nozzle or the two ends are a nozzle, and can improve the lubrication and cooling effect, but when the DMN value is close to 2 million, because of the influence of the centrifugal inertia and wind resistance, in oil bearing only 70% or less of nozzle flow.
2. Under the ring lubrication
Ring under the lubrication method is to use the centrifugal inertia, directly to the oil through ring opening, many radial hole and into the raceway surface, part of the oil along the inner ring below for axial activities and achieve the purpose of cooling the inner ring. In race around oil is divided into two channels to drain out, by the way will wear debris flushing is falling from the cage and other parts.
This method of lubrication oil quantity much less than the oil lubrication, due to the dynamic mixing of oil lead to less power loss, the fever of bearing is also be improved, and even less likely than outer ring and inner ring temperature reducing bearing failure.
The lubrication method can also be used to cooling outer ring. When the outer ring are such lubrication bearing promised DMN value can be further progress.
Now this ring lubrication is widely used in all kinds of high-speed operation. Can achieve maximum DMN for large diameter from 120 ~ 200 mm ball bearing of 3 million; Of inner diameter 120 mm to 2.4 million tapered roller bearing, and combination of short cylindrical roller bearing inner ring for 3 million

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