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mobile app developers

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1 mobile app developers on Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:55 am


Mobile App Developers - The An increasing number of first-time mobile app developers are also first-time developers. This makes sense if you think about it; mobile is the hot new platform and the barrier to entry is a lot lower for mobile devices. Furthermore, a simple yet well-done he can be functional and a big success; look at the prevalence of tip calculators, flashlights and other applications. It’s much harder to find that sort of success with a small, single-purpose desktop app. Although the barrier to entry is lower for mobile app development, you still need to be prepared to learn. If you have no previous experience in programming for the web or in a language like C, Java or C#, grasping the basics is going to take more time. Thus, we’ve traversed the web, the bookstore and bugged our developer friends to find some of the best resources online . On iOS, this means learning Objective-C and also learning Cocoa Touch. Android programming is very similar to Java, but with Android-specific APIs and frameworks. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 uses Silverlight, which means if you have experience with C# or .NET, you should find yourself at home.

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