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Research of rolling mill bearing components in vibration

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  Lubrication improvement for ball for thrust bearing, the bearing is recommended to use thin oil lubrication, use thin oil lubrication allowed limit rotational speed is high, can improve the fatigue life of bearing, avoid occlusal abrasion, thin oil consumption, oil pollution of impurities will less than dry oil, but also conducive to clean (British English steel LACKENBY factory similar equipment using circular thin oil lubrication). Due to the original design of 2 # lithium base grease dry oil lubrication, to instead of the circular thin oil lubrication is very difficult, therefore make the following improvements on the dry oil lubrication system. FAG 51108 Bearings Dimensions with high pressure water washing after logging off to keep the cleaning of the bearing. Adjust the roll bearing seal cooling water and periodically replaced. Considering the continuous oil supply new oil could not completely replace the old oil and abrasive particle in the process of operation, regular bearing for cleaning, cleaning cycle to work time is 1800 h.
  About the calculation of quantity of lubricating oil and lubrication cycle and improvement. Ball thrust bearing of 29376 oil supply requirements for heart is: dry oil amount is 140 g, for the first time in 4 h, 8 h range oil amount for the first time adding amount of 0.1 times the most appropriate, if found bearing with water, should reduce oil charge cycle. The bearing oil per hour to: q = 0.1 nQT = 7 (g/h) in the q - oil per hour (g/h); N - the number of installed in the bearing bearing, n = 2; Q - the bearing dry oil amount for the first time, Q = 140 gt - add oil dry time, T = 4 h. Dry gas station oil supply cycle should be as follows: C = q/q1 = 1.296 (times/h) in q1 - dry oil distributor every action to the bearing oil, q1 = 2 x 3 ml x = 0.9 g, 0.9 g/ml, is designed with 2 points to the bearing oil supply at the same time, 3 for dry oil distributor every action 1 to the bearing oil for 3 ml and the proportion of 0.9 g/m for dry oil. 46 per min dry gas station a cycle. Calculated by above knowable oil supply cycle for 45 min is most appropriate, the original fuel delivery cycle for 60 min can't meet the requirements, therefore the bearing oil independence from the system, design of special lubrication station to the special lubricant oil supply and use of rolling mill bearing, bearing at the same time, adjust the dry gas station oil supply cycle for 30 min.
  The best assembly about bearing preloaded bearing axial clearance is hope to achieve normal operation when the axial clearance is zero, so that we can get the best bearing life. Specific to universal mill in order to improve the operating life of the axial stiffness and mill, and thus improve the h-beam product precision, 29376 bearing preloaded assembly process, the minimum bearing preload is guaranteed by preloaded spring, (main purpose is to wear compensation. Reduce running noise, eliminate the effect of inertia force and lubricant; the actual preload is by minimum preload coefficient condition on the calculation of the minimum preload Famin = Coa1400 + A (Dg * H * n106) 2 = 12.2 kN type in Coa - static axial load rating (kN), Coa = 16200 kN; A - static load coefficient, A = 0.0031; Dg - bearing outside diameter, Dg = 600 mm; H - bearing width, H = 132 mm x 2 mm (2 for bearing number), n - maximum working speed, n = 175 r/min. The value of the actual prestressed F = KFamin = 8 x 12.2 = 97.6 kN type coefficient K - conditions. In the department of K value determines the roll of axial stiffness, generally is 6 ~ 10, the bigger mill bearing values. High value on the improvement of stiffness is not obvious, but the friction and heat will increase significantly, life expectancy has dropped sharply, so should fully study conditions of use, choose the best pre-tightening force. In order to ensure to achieve the required pre-tightening force, first of all, according to calculate the deformation of prestressing force, when the assembly so according to the measurement of related dimensions and calculate the deformation to make appropriate adjustment gaskets, for the following line is calculated.
Deformation calculation of the bearing is simplified to cylinder and flat form, according to elastic mechanics formula is: $D = 1.159 PLE (0.41 + Ln4Rb) = 0.029 mm type of delta D - bearing roller diameter direction deformation (mm); P - bearing positive pressure of the rolls, P = F * sin41 ° = 97.6 * 0.656 = 64 * 64 kpa (41 ° inclination of bearing roller and bearing center line); L - bearing roller length, L = 69 mm; E - elastic modulus, E = 21 x 104 mpa; R - bearing roller large end with, R = 27.5 mm; B - contact surface size (mm). PRLE = b = 1.526 0.53 mm so the axial deformation of the bearing is: D = $D/sin41 ° = 0.044 mm, preload adjustment method first serious size measurement, then according to the above deformation as a result of the prestress, calculate the thickness of the gasket C and grinding by this.

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