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1 web visitors on Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:22 pm


Lot of visitors. Lot of Visitors is very nice site visitor, and very easy to use. It functions in the following manner: - Advertising pays a PTC site to add a link to its web page or affiliate advertising.. - It provides this link to a reserved portion for registered users - They click on the link advertising, and after performing a specific action (such as waiting a few seconds or take a few extra clicks on the affected site) receive a reward. Once a certain amount has been reached on the account (usually a minimum of 1 to 10 dollars / euros), the member requests a payment (typically a virtual account) and receives, if the webmaster PTC is honest, his money in the following, even instantly days. As compensation is limited , this site offer to earn much more without much effort through sponsorship. Here is how sponsorship : the PTC site provides a personalized link to a member . If a person registered on this site after following the link member , it automatically becomes his godson. Whenever the godson makes money , the member also wins . The percentage gains depends sites , and generally varies between 10 % and 40 % . Note that this money is not made ​​on behalf of the mentee . In his case, whether or not a sponsor does not change anything for him . There may be several levels of sponsorship is to say that the direct referrals are the so called ’ first level referrals ’ . Godchildren godchildren are the ’ second level referrals ,’ and so on waterfalls. The number of permitted levels also varies by site , generally between 1 and 10 levels. The advantage of this system is that the member receives money without acting , apart from promoting his referral link.

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