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Imported SKF bearing in rolling mill bearing maintenance and monitoring

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SKF bearing in use process should strengthen the maintenance and monitoring, to extend its service life.
1, keep the lubricating oil road unobstructed, in accordance with the provisions, choose the right type of lubricant, adequate filling lubricants on a regular basis. Ensure that roller rolling surface and roller and guard the sliding surface, keep a good wax oil lubrication.
2, the regular inspection seal seals, to replace damaged seal in time. To ensure the bearing sealing performance, in order to prevent water,Bearing Dimensions iron oxide into the bearing, and lubricant in the bearing.
3, combining the reality of this enterprise, actively develop the bearing running condition monitoring.
Noise monitoring: normal operation should be the hum of the smooth, regular monitoring and compared with normal voice, found the abnormal situation in a timely manner.
Lubricant monitoring: normal lubricant should be clear and clean, if the lubricant has become dirty, there will be wear particles or contaminants.
Temperature monitoring: at higher temperatures, the operation will be abnormal. The company has temperature monitoring work, willing to a wider range of services to the customers.
Set up a card, records bearing online using the number of days, the steel quantity and situation of maintenance monitoring, strengthening the management of the bearing running condition.

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