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One-way bearing raceway noise solution

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1 One-way bearing raceway noise solution on Fri May 23, 2014 2:15 am


When institutions, installation of bearing parts allowed to have a certain temperature, when the hand touch body shell, should not feel hot as normal, conversely indicates that bearing temperature is too high.

The cause of the high bearing temperature are: lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; The assemble tight (inadequate clearance); One-way bearing assembly too tight; SKF 608 Bearings Limiting Speed race in internal rotation shaft or housing; Too much load; Bearing cage or rolling body fracture, etc.
The functioning of the rolling bearing in the work to allow a slight noise, if you have any abnormal noise or excessive noise or sound, suggests that the bearing failure.

Cause noise of rolling bearings is more complex, one is the bearing inner and outer surface wear. Due to this kind of wear and tear, damage and shell, a one-way bearing and the bearing axis of cooperate relationship, lead to axis deviation from the correct position, when axis at high speed movement produces sound. When the bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake, also can produce sound make bearing radial clearance increases. In addition, the bearing lubrication, forms the dry friction, and bearing broken etc all make abnormal noise. After bearing wear loose, loose cage damaged, also can produce sound bearing damage.
Rolling bearings to remove check, according to the damage of bearing judging one-way bearing failure and damage reasons.
The so-called pressure constant is the use of helical spring pretightening, disc spring, give appropriate preparation method of the bearing. When use, even though the bearing changing the relative position, loading method in advance. When use bearing what type of seal? , it will even the change of relative position, preload can maintain.
Bearing preload pressure constant pre-tightening force diagram, after the spring preload one-way bearing stiffness of rigid usually is very small, so the deflection of the spring line, compared with roughly parallel to the horizontal axis, therefore, preset pressure monomer bearing load and the rigidity of the pre
Load axial load bearing rigid monomers is roughly equal. Preload, the relative rigid monomers constant pressure bearing and the bearing pre-tightening force of positioning.

Imported bearing raceway and its control method Race for when bearing is running, roller rolling on the surface of the raceway of gliding sound continuously, is unique to occur in all rolling bearings of the basic sound. General bearing ring raceway is combined with other sounds. Ball bearing raceway is irregular, frequency above 1000 hz, its main frequency does not change with speed, but its total sound pressure level increases with speed to speed up. Raceway large bearings, the rolling sound of sound pressure level decrease with the increase of the viscosity; The raceway small bearings, the sound pressure level in the viscosity increases to about 20 was/s above, from decreased to increase somewhat. And the rigidity of the bearing, the greater the raceway of the lower the total sound pressure level. Such as radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level and race master frequency will increase sharply with the decrease of radial clearance. Method to control the sound of raceway are: choose low noise bearing is one-way bearing waviness is very small, that is, carefully select and use conditions. Race often affect the mechanical noise, reduce the raceway can reduce the mechanical noise.

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