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Keep axle bearing fatliquoring machine

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1 Keep axle bearing fatliquoring machine on Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:03 am

    Cage bearing fatliquoring machine controlled by the intelligent controller, digital display, convenient adjustment and accurate quantitative, and is equipped with pressure protection device. The user can easily set on the panel from 10 grams to 20 kg of fat mass. Keep axle bearing fatliquoring machine
Bearing seal is on the outside of the bearing, such as SKF 6207 Bearing Net Weight shell parts and diameter of axle parts and end cover part of the additional sealing device.

Should be considered in selecting bearing sealing device, a kind of lubricant bearing (fat or oil), the sealing contact surface of rotational speed, supporting installation error, and many other factors. Low requirements for sealing, bearing high rotational speed and shaft installation error and slants big, can choose non-contact sealing device. Non-contact sealing device can be divided into two categories, using the seal clearance and the use of centrifugal force. If you want to enhance the sealing effect, can be added in the non-contact centrifugal or stagnation pieces, using centrifugal force to control the discharge of the grease in order to achieve sealing effect. If bad work environment, the possibility of moisture infiltration or bearing oil lubrication, bearing parts can choose contact sealing device. Contact sealed devices typically have oil seal, grease seal, mechanical seal, etc.
    Product scope of application:

    Cage bearing fatliquoring machine applicable to the motor manufacturer for motor, car manufacturers add oil to the car. Can also be applied to railway passenger cars, insulated car, the flow of the metro vehicles and other large vehicles bearing on the work.
    Intelligent controller programming is flexible, can according to the needs of users to provide online signal, it is suitable for automobile, hardware tools, such as industry assembly line automatic fatliquoring process.
    Typical applications of products: Keep axle bearing fatliquoring machine

    1. Bearing production line, the sealed bearing filling grease in front of the gland.
    2. Car axle shaft production line, filling half shaft bearing grease.
    3. Lubrication of mechanical transmission mechanism.
    4. The VAT of quantitative control in the process of oil into a small package.
    5. The engine assembly, ball mill gear, universal joint, mechanical parts.
    6. Motor assembly line bearing grease.
7. Oil supplying electric tool assembly line. Keep axle bearing fatliquoring machine

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