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Rolling bearing performance

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1 Rolling bearing performance on Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:07 am

Rolling bearing clearance is an important indicator of a direct impact on the use of the bearing performance, according to the using condition of the bearing, choosing the appropriate clearance, has the very vital significance. When choosing the bearing clearance, should give full consideration to the following factors:

1, 6207 Bearing By FANADE and shaft and the shell hole with elastic will lead to the change of the bearing clearance value. General bearing clearance value after installation will narrow; 2, bearing in the process of operation, as a result of the shaft and the shell cooling condition is different, produce temperature difference between inner ring and outer ring, and can also lead to bearing clearance value.

3, the shaft and the shell material because of the different expansion coefficient, clearance value will shrink or increasing what is rolling bearing clearance?
Namely rolling bearing in the bearing box mounted on shafts or not, will it a fixed housing, then the party has not been fixed do radial or axial movement of the mobile. According to the moving direction, can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance.
Clearance in the operation of (called work clearance) on the size of the rolling bearings of rolling fatigue life, temperature, noise, vibration, etc.
Measurement of bearing clearance, to obtain stable measured value, generally impose regulations on bearing load measurement.
As a result, the resulting measured values than real clearance (clearance) called theory, which increases the measuring load produced by elastic deformation.

But for rolling bearing in the roller bearing, due to the elastic deformation is small, can be neglected.
Before the installation of bearing internal clearance is generally expressed in the theory of clearance.
Frequent question answer:
When the rolling bearing clearance through the hours, fever is the most prone to the condition of the bearing, and if the speed faster, it is possible to mana burn.
And if no heed to continue for a long time under the environment of high temperature and high speed operation, there is likely to be the phenomenon of rolling bearing lock, and will produce to the rolling bearing supporting shaft bearing a strain damage or shell.
Of course, if not limit operation case, rolling bearing is rarely the cause of lock phenomenon, even in the case of without oil lubrication, rolling bearing can also run a long time.
So, you can see, when the rolling bearing clearance through the hours, do not careless. The correct operation and timely repair, can prolong the service life of rolling bearing.

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