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1 get visitors on Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:11 am


Lot of visitors. more traffic. On announcement comes only in case of replacement pictures, site or title. Everything else You can freely edit and accordingly, without prejudice. Re not be . Need to use this popular ad targeting falls under phase «hackneyed» . In this case, you can change your age, group or to put the interests instead of сообществ Совет from my good friend, who by my guides began to earn as for me it’s the most important thing is to choose - offer. This envelope, and on the income Oh how affected. Discovered another target communities. Very convenient, because many do not write interests-for example, that they have a car or iphone.Вот we come to the end. Actually, such methods. At the end of this article I decided to touch a question of creation of sites under the CPA. This is the branch I’m doing right now (though not only)Sobstvenno for avid arbitrators, no longer the subject of the creation of the site under the CPA and its promotion. The envelope here is almost 1 to 1 (the ratio of income to the traffic, i.e. for 1 thousand visitors a day, you will receive 1000 ). Features and nuances, if the traffic is minor, but the point is this. Recently discovered for myself and discharge of traffic to your website with games

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