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Julian Pencilliah

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1 Julian Pencilliah on Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:27 am


Silicon Valley-based South Julian Pencilliah displayed a savvy attitude for business acumen from a very early age. He was very intrigued by the concepts of probability amplitudes, the economic principle and global market sectors. Julian was hugely influenced by his role models, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. He also found himself engaged in the subjects of the wisdom of the ancient gurus and high seers. After a decade of living through life’s experiences he discovered that we are all our own greatest enemies. The collective acumen of the knowledge and experience gained moulded his principles of focus, which was to attain maximum return on investment in his spheres of interest He established his business framework and intellectual processes within the South African busine.................................more Julian Pencilliah’s favorite authors U_50x66 G. Hunger author of A Grave H... 7438443 Saurabh Dey author of Degenerat... This is a Goodreads friends & common interest group, hosted by bestselling self-help author Stephen Richards. Questions range from Cosmic Ordering, la...more Meaningful books and the impact they have on our lives. When my mother was dying of pancreatic cancer, I would often go with her to chemo, and we would...more

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