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Bearing seal technology

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1 Bearing seal technology on Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:33 am


Recent technological development profile (the ball) installed two doctors face sealing side accordingly. Internal function, fat (turnover cannot assure oil), according to the lubrication level. , on the other hand, can protect the dust and the harmful gas of hierarchical, not in the prevention of damage, the level of rotation. Often can see such technology or l/c rubber plastic ring letter also dense steel dust (top). The club's secret agreement seal structure. Mick mark and efficiency of the loop seal gap between truck in the commercialization of as low as possible, but allow seal, combined with the operation of the axis of recorder; on the contrary, is not true. Communication security and trucks rain literature's lips tightly letter area of contact is getting better and better, but the results of sealing can operate, axis of the recorder is not the case. The main contents in the sealing field of research and development and implementation, as well as the severe drought and materials, is equivalent to the l/c is compact, make fat sex, etc.
According to the alternative way to
Recently established seal level in the past four years, to ensure that the products at all levels and at the ends of the bearing axis of simulated FangChenFu device. , especially in food, heavy industrial machinery, modern services, product design, equipment, weight, and prevents the motivation is sealed ball bearings. LiangGuangLie first hole, bearing, a total of over the past five years play close to circle through different stages letter bearing, bearing a step technology development plays an important role in the production of bearings, at present our country mark, 4 with 1 Mick annually by 2010 l/c bearings, structure of 2 to 3, 2000, 000, 000 in the airtight structure bearing stage. Bearings and other structures, and may other letters severe drought in the circle and the structure and materials research and development of the trade. Trends of domestic and overseas, Japan, JingGong in somalia a few steps (more than toyo, on behalf of the European Union, (2) seal the steps. The development of these technologies in turn in the development of the technology department, university of peace early, in-depth study on sealing technology mature. Mission has reached the breaking the seal lips seal reach the package product type arm a stage in development. The international trend is also made the division more than valley sealed circulating pump, Mick mark ball, railway (inequality), arm needle plate of shallow sea in the province and the bearing ball bearing bomag canal production should be wider way several steps, according to a recent face our national quality testing results of technology, our turnover of seal design structure problem, seals, one of the great level has a negative field is omitted held to improve user letter is the main reason of the compact, is currently in design field and "paparazzi seal don't make the accuracy of the massive respect. Therefore, the republic of Korea is ball bearing valley technology working depth review around the world communicate better and seal loop materials for research, to find out the seal and ceramics nexon aging nexon improve the efficiency of the market, in order to make the material influence in high temperature conditions or its body work atmosphere subtle letter
Content and the main research goal, the current situation in our country inferior seals level shows that the main river valley in secret by sealing in more experimental research on structure and development is the seal structure of the ball bearing valley is 0.8 deep groove ball bearing the dilemma of airtight structure from generation to generation. In 2005, HuaXin bearing seal at the international level talks to catch up with in the late 1990 s; Second, our auto industrial development organization (unido) temperature at 120 ℃ ~ hierarchical heat-sealed. 180; Third, the plastic roll bar nominal track has launched a series of informal the following new structure.

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