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Self-aligning ball bearing is suitable for the cause of the problem

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According to incomplete statistics, the cement factory; the highest frequency of abnormal vibration fault fan because until 58.6% vibration leads to the imbalance of the fan operation. TIMKEN bearings, cooperate for a long time to adjust behavior lead to bearing temperature and abnormal vibration. For example, during the overhaul of equipments in cement plant - replace the fan blade. Side of the blade bearing sleeve touching a hard landing. The free vibration bearing overheating fault value again. Divided into manual slowly rotating, pillow cover, found that the effect of fan, no specific location roller bearing load region can identify suspects, change the Settings in the rolling bearing clearance is too high and interval may be not enough. After measuring, found that domestic bearing clearance is 0.04 mm, mm oh eccentric to 0.18.
In order to capture mechanism is set up correctly, use of SKF Bearing Series parts under the condition of choosing appropriate bearing. Evil, you need the following data and data:
1, organization function and structure
2, bearing parts
3, bearing (size, direction)
4, the rotation speed
5, vibration and impact
6, bearing temperature, environment temperature, temperature)
Around 7, atmosphere (sex, aggressive, pure oily) bearing configuration mode selection routine.
TIMKEN bearing self-aligning ball bearing of two axial and radial to communicate, while fixed bearing, the sides of the bearing is under radial and axial load, and from the relative axial displacement between the two axis bearing box fixed function. Will call each other free edge, only to bear radial load, axial relative motion, can solve the shaft due to temperature change and installation task, the various parts of the flower bed bearing interval error. For fixed side bearing, must choose the axial movement of tread or move to assemble the bearing surface. In a relatively short axis fixed side and lateral very free, no other only with one-way bearing axial displacement. Individual types of bearings, bearing type selection, self-aligning ball bearing full control of conditions of use is very important.

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