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Ball bearing surface processing key technology

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1. The main raw material = high molecular polyester card after boron type balance; Nano second sulfur oil and molybdenum; Rust 10) nano-composite four fluorine group; Traces of polyethylene powder nano mixture of ethylene and other body. I am a former above materials in its own variety of a small amount of production technology in order to understand the laboratory.
2. Where is the bearing surface rust should be capable of. Reduce; The performance of the nexen surface friction coefficient of friction composite.
Method of use: 3 pieces.
1) remove the surface of the bearing anti-rust oil, etc. 1. Our way to the development of industrial efficient degreasing 1 ~ 3% according to mix flour and water bearing rights of forehead temperature 70 ~ 85 degrees rummaging through the immersion need 30 minutes) (discontinuous interruption of cold steam heating to 40 degrees is the right of bearing brush to brush the water use washing machine, especially the bearing work, we should be more several times play the wash, wash SKF Bearings rights can't get rid of surfaced. Weeks: the amount of oil, remove after weeks with again; second. Rinse it two floating around 40 degrees, wash water reuse; heavy oil with the ratio of 3% and cleared, matching liquid twice more in polyester
Lm - 2) using cleared 1198 type a second enrichment of phosphorus bearing into the micro fluid layer deep within the lubricating oil project, 2 it is on account of the sulphur molybdenum banknotes of Vienna. The use of specific methods is 0.5% of the water and detergent with temperature to 85 degrees, drip leakage (99 download cleaner can drain injured after cold an employment can be weeks after surface bearing), copies of the damaged paint cleaner brush again above 70 degrees Celsius, rinse temperature difference.
3), and almost empty Mali water right of bearing in the oven in 60 degrees/after 10 minutes, readjust the 110/10 minutes later generation heat extraction; Extract the ball right to realize rust, processing methods: quickly swollen barrels "bian pour sealing edge water ethanol injection into dance (industrial alcohol) a thin layer of alcohol injection in the 1st floor right (don't spray too much) covered bucket sealing seal bearing power stored in a sealed bucket with after take my cold. Put in to prevent the main storage barrel sealing rust. Baja coating, only take out how many barak to extract edge selection if you have any changes or coated with red or coating in spraying paint. Ball right encapsulation of rubber not rusting, Charles take after sealing, directly open the barrel, decrease as far as possible to run right of bearing contact. Reports from local environment humidity condition or airtight conditions generally preserved 3000-6, not rust.
4. Basic principle, can take advantage of the lower surface of the balance of payments of the nanometer material shallow bearing table, arson, purifying layer cause, such as stamping suture fine crack phosphorus and apparent gap or hole small block seam in landfill fully than microscope bearing surface to see the "street". The purpose of rust prevention performance.
Ball although on the surface of the processing of ordinary smart bearing working surface). Tractor generation of functional nanomaterials using anti "rust/nexen anti-corrosion ma life extension)/friction coefficient of heat/ceramics/I gap expands accuracy and contradiction, the comprehensive function such as equalization processing/boost mutual contradiction between quality indexes have good balance. The method is one of the crucial technology in bearing.

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