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Quality, Affordable Mustang motorcycle bag

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1 Quality, Affordable Mustang motorcycle bag on Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:34 am

If you are a bike owner who takes long trips, the Mustang Motorcycle Bag can provide you with comfort and efficient storage space to fit in that extra gear of your whole day journey. You can also get a luggage specially designed for your needs as a rider at an affordable price.
The Mustang Journey Bag utility is due to its design where it combines a main bag space compartment and three side space compartments to fit all your gear for the day. The comfort is provided by an adjustable backrest pad which provides sufficient backrest support as you ride. It is easily mounted on the rear passenger seat or on the sissy bar if you have it installed. And to complement this great offer by Mustang, you get a free rain cover as a shield from the rain.

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